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Happy Anniversary, Stella Rose!

Today is our anniversary. And it’s a happy one, all because of you.

Yes, you.

Rewind: Nausea roiled through me a year ago when I read the first emails from well-meaning friends alerting me to the fact that Amazon was shipping pre-orders nearly two weeks ahead of my pub date. Terror swamped my excitement. This dream I had worked so hard to launch was about to be torpedoed by fear.

Then I remembered what a wise woman (the incomparable Lea Belair) once told me: We do our best work when we are excited and afraid. Excitement keeps us moving forward; fear keeps us from doing stupid things along the way – ensuring we don’t go off the rails, ensuring we do our best work. She said this much more eloquently than I just did, but the essence stuck with me. It surfaces at such times, like a compress placed across a fevered forehead.

I reached deep into my psyche, hauled my excitement back to the surface, placed it on the shelf right next to fear.  I blogged about my anxiety and reminded myself I was right where I chose to be – despite the palpitations and sleepless nights. I promised myself I would show up, no matter what. So I did.

Carol 1

And so did you.

042IMG_5676IMG_5682 photo 3

The Girls, Ogunquit, 2011

You showed up at book stores and libraries, at book groups and the farmers market and cafes, on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and email, you read reviews on line and in the St. Albans Messenger, Seven Days and Vermont Woman, you left reviews on GoodReads and Amazon. You showed up in my inbox with private messages of goodwill – many of you total strangers, now friends for life. You sent cards and letters. You cheered me up and cheered me on. You bore witness.

037 CaitlinSouth Burlington photo 4 (3) Porter Square Letter Writing

Everywhere I went, you were there.

Group III   Bank Square Books Group Photo IMG_2257Pat's group in Fairfield 11_11_15 0100502b-87a1-417a-9b78-512d8844439a Beth and John

Not unlike the year in Stella Rose, this year began with fear, anxiety, and crippling self-doubt, and ended with countless opportunities to show up with courage, passion, and delight.  All because of you.


I am grateful beyond measure, beyond words.


I love you.

Happy Anniversary, Stella Rose!

Happy Anniversary to all of us!


  1. Mary Holterhoff says:

    Congratulations Tammy! STELLA ROSE has great meaning for me. Thank you for your courage in putting your work out there for us. Still LOVING my 2016 STELLA ROSE calendar!!!

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