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Giving Thanks for My Writing Village

It’s Thanksgiving and I have much to be thankful for. This has been a big year in my writing life, all because of the village it’s taken to publish STELLA ROSE. I am grateful for:

  1. Angela – For being my best friend and inspiring the character, Abby. You have always been and will always be the yin to my yang.
  2. The Girls – For inspiring The Girls in the novel, and for inspiring me with your unique quirks and your collective soul.

    The Girls, Ogunquit, 2011
    The Girls, Ogunquit, 2011
  3. Aaron and Ariel – Together you inspired Olivia and so much more, keeping me on my toes as a Mom and a person.

    The Kids, circa 2012
  4. The Tuesday Night Writers Who Meet On Wednesdays – For giving feedback and love back, for reading shitty first drafts and second drafts and random pieces here and there. Lucy – For sharing your struggle through your eloquent poetry, and inspiring the plot for STELLA ROSE. And Sarah, for being there from the beginning, and writing by my side to this day.
  5. Lesley Payne – For being an editor with a sharp red pen and gentle spirit who could tell me what sucked and somehow make me feel better about the manuscript at the same time, and for telling me at the end you could cut no more because you loved the story too much.

    The Manuscript, circa 2011
  6. She Writes Press – For being a hybrid press run by women for women, happy to publish my book and make me feel part of the process, not left out alone in the cold world of publishing, and for introducing me to all these wonderful SWP Sister Authors!

    She Writes Crew at Park NYC after BEA
    She Writes Press staff and authors take BEA 2015 by storm
  7. Caitlin Hamilton – The best publicist ever, my own dearth of experience with publicists notwithstanding, for making this journey fun when it could have been an overwhelmingly gross stress-fest, and for holding my hand all the way from Tennessee.

    Caitlin and I met in person for the first time at BEA 2015 in NYC
  8. Cara Mezitt – For ‘getting’ me and Stella Rose from the get-go, for manifesting my vision for a beautiful social media platform by designing the look and feel of my website and blogs, and designing the most beautiful book cover ever.
  9. Bootstrap Syndicate – To Jen and Nikki for configuring the mechanics of my website, offering 24 hour customer service, and for supplementing my voice in the early days of the campaign.
  10. YOU, my readers and fans – Many of you have been with me since well before STELLA ROSE was a single word on a page, cheering me on for years, believing in me when I had no idea if I would ever pull this off, cheering wildly when it finally happened. Others among you read STELLA ROSE and were moved enough to reach out on Facebook or Twitter or Instagram, comment on my blogs, reach out via email, and come to my events. Nothing means more to a debut novelist – or any writer – than appreciative, supportive readers.

    Stella Rose Launch Party, May 2015

To all of you, my deepest, sincerest gratitude for making STELLA ROSE a dream come true. I wish you a Happy Thanksgiving, and peace and happiness through the holiday season.




  1. Mary Holterhoff says:

    Awww. So sweet and from the heart. So glad I found STELLA ROSE and Tammy! Happy Thanksgiving to you, too. ( My daughter just read SR and. Loved it!!

    • Mary – I’m so glad you found us, too!!! What a joy you are. I’m so lucky to have you in my corner. Thanks for sharing SR with your daughter! When I finished writing it, I had visions of moms buying it for their daughters, daughters buying it for their moms, friends buying it for the friends. You are the vision manifested ♥ Have a wonderful holiday season. XOXO.

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