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Autumn in Vermont – It’s about l’Attitude

What is l’Attitude? It’s that blend of latitude and attitude displayed just south of the Quebec border that makes Vermont synonymous with autumn.


Who can think of autumn and not dream of Vermont?


Sure, anywhere in New England – or even the Pacific Northwest and sections of the Midwest – all are colorful this time of year. That’s about latitude.

Foliage MapI
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But in Vermont, it’s all about attitude. We own autumn.

I                  cows  IV IX


Of course, we also have to own what comes after autumn.

Single leaf

And with this weekend’s wind and rain, leaves are abandoning the trees at an alarming rate, leaf-ing us with no illusions about what’s around the bend.

falling hosedeleafing



These photos (aka #leafies), and many more taken by Vermonters, can be found in this slideshow on WCAX. Enjoy. Then post some of your own in the comments!

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