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Kurdish Proverb, "A cup of coffee commits one to forty years of friendship."

The Fountain of Youth

The Friendship Phenomena #3: The Fountain of Youth

Found most acutely in friendships forged in childhood or adolescence, the Fountain of Youth phenomenon is the most fun. When my group of friends from high school, aka, The Girls, gets together, we are sixteen again. Mentally, emotionally, intellectually – and yes, physically, due to mind over matter – we are back in high school.

Children playing in the Fountain of Youth
Source: Flickr CC Matthew H.

Our recall is sharp as we recount stories about boys, girls, sports, drama, chorus, band, school dances, study hall. When we have our annual weekend getaway, we bring our dancing shoes and scope out the hottest clubs. Okay, actually, we find a club where we’ll be the hottest. So what if this means a pool hall on a deserted dirt road in a tiny Maine town? We won a dance contest, didn’t we? We have the plastic margarita glasses to prove it.

It is Disco Dancing Time with the girls!
Source: Flickr CC Amina88

Sure, we may need extra ibuprofen the next day, and cold packs applied to puffy eyes, but for that one spectacular night, we are Abba’s Dancing Queens, each of us. And we are glorious.

Dancing Queens keeping the fountain of youth alive
Source: Flickr CC The Huntington

How do your friends keep you young?

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