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Boys not included – 5 ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your girlfriends

I’m a fan of Valentine’s Day. We recognize all kinds of inane ideas all year long; setting aside one day to celebrate true love seems perfectly reasonable. And for many man (and some women), it’s time to fish or cut bait – the ultimate deadline to declare one’s love. I like that idea.

But Valentine’s Day can be hell on singles. Even those who are single by choice – and I salute you – wince as the New Year’s Eve swag gives way all too soon to hearts and diamonds and cruises and even more Viagra commercials warning/promising men this is the one day of the year you are guaranteed sex, IF you’ve paid attention to the hearts, diamonds, and cruise commercials.

Steven Depolo
Flickr – Steven Depolo

Then there are those who find themselves single not by choice, but through a bad breakup, like finding out the love of her life is a lying cheating bastard, or a cheating lying bastard, or a bastard who lies and cheats. She is particularly vulnerable to the hyperbolic romancing-the-stone onslaught. At one time we could just turn off the TV, but it’s hard to turn off the internet and city buses and billboards. It’s relentless and inescapable, like the ocean and Donald Trump.

Flickr – torbakhopper

Do you have a sweet friend being tortured by torrid love scenes sponsored by Kay Jewelers and 1-800-FLOWERS? Make this the year you bring her back to the celebration of true love – your love for her, one of your best friends, the heart of your heart. Here are five ideas:

  1. Dinner – It’s not just for couples. Spring for a table for two – or ten, make it a party! Go to the best place in town and do it right. Shower her with love, fine food, lots of wine, and a safe ride home.

    Jen Russo
    Jen Russo
  2. Flowers – We can give them, too. Have the coupled girlfriends in your circle pitch in $20 each and buy obscene arrangements for the singles, with instructions to compost them in five days before they have a chance to wilt.

    White and yellow rose, and a golden heart, the colors of love, reflected on a shiny black surface
    Colors of Love
  3. Jewelry – Who needs blood diamonds anyway? A beautiful piece of costume jewelry – earrings, a pendant, a special bracelet – can remind her every time she wears it that she is loved utterly and completely.

    Carol Alejandra Hernández Sánchez
    Carol Alejandra Hernández Sánchez
  4. Movie Night – There are so many friendship movies out there. Pick one or two or three, extra butter on the popcorn, and wine.

    simone tranquilli
    Flickr – simone tranquilli
  5. Friendship Book – There are lovely keepsake books with inspiring friendship quotes, and then there is fiction – from elementary school age Anne of Green Gables, to young adult Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants to such adult fare as the classic Beaches or contemporary Sex and the City. Or my personal favorite, STELLA ROSE.                                                                                                                                                   Cover2

How will you show your single friends the love this Valentine’s Day?

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