What’s going on here?

*New news! STELLA ROSE wins Bronze IPPY award!*

My novel was released in April 2015. It’s called Stella Rose. 

I wrote the first words of Stella Rose on November 1, 2008 and scrubbed the final draft for publication in January 2015.  That’s right, more than six years in the making.

From me to you, at last.

What’s it about?  Plenty of family drama mixed with romance, violence, and mayhem. But mostly, it’s about the power of friendship. Check out the book cover and read reviews here. (And receive the first chapter for free!)

For musings on a messy writing life, the inspiration for Stella Rose, and the arduous journey to publication, along with side rants on family, pets, gardening, Vermont, and various other topics, please visit here.

A novel about friendship has to end, but not so, the conversation.  I created InFriendship, a blog/dialogue (blogalogue?) to talk about friendship and other complex relationships. Join the conversation here.

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